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Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (3)Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (2)

Reflecting on the upcoming events with Jane Donald… The Edge School has been a great support for me as I realise how much I can offer the community here locally and also online.  Having made changes on the inside I am seeing the benefits on the outside – from within my home as we enjoy Home Education more and more and also as more work comes in for me as a Facilitator for bettering skills in the areas of Social, Cultural, Arts, Sound Healing, Environment & Health – such is life when you approach it as a whole system!

My husband Brendan Farren ( and I have enjoyed being creative and generally approach everything with a ‘DIY’ attitude so … this website will have ‘drop menu’s’ and ‘subscribe to’ options in time, as I learn the art of Web Design!  In the meantime please let me know you are interested in keeping in touch by emailing me at

I have so many beautiful photos to share with you – the scenery of sun & sea and how we live with nature and creativity – rediscovering deep connection with the land and our hearts.   There are books galore to share in The Edge School’s Lending Library!  I am excited to share what I am learning with Cultural Emergence (People & Permaculture and Wilderness Education’s 8 Shields).  2017 is set to be a good one for the marginal like us – when you know that ‘we are all in this together’ it helps us pull together!  (fond memories of the various initiatives I’ve been involved in over the years here: Transition Inishowen, Inishowen Summer Gathering, Celebrate Water – all worked well when people sensed into our shared purpose and that was always care, respect and creating a culture for our children to thrive in)

Yes, we are in this together alright!  …and there’s another thing to include here on this website – Ceangailte Le Chéile the song that I composed for the Inishowen Rivers Trust

“Ceangailte le chéile
From sky to sea
Connecting with all life
Together we are free”

Keep informed: Jane Donald – Energetic Healing for Land & People events in Donegal and Derry :