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True Connection : Wholesome & Wild Telegram Channel

Here on the website and here on the Telegram Channel is where I will engage & express with you

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Le Grá, Kathleen

(  That is the link and here is an example of what’s happening there:

Here I sat on a rock in the water, not knowing what I was doing… simply sitting there. Pure enjoyment!

Here by a nearby shore are all the elements in harmonious existence ✨️
The element of Aether interests me today… not knowing, the unknown (in Gaeilge ‘Gan eol, nach eol’)

I welcome your comments, in any form (word, poem, photo, art) on the theme of an element… wind, earth, aether, fire, water. There’s more to the elements than meets the eye and perhaps you hold a key to deepen our insights! 🔑