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Slow, Silent & Still

Living life listening to inner promptings has me consciously living more slowly, with more moments of silence and stillness…..

Energetically this supports me to live with a refreshing vitality!  It’s like all the seasons on one – for the sense of Spring-like Hope is infused in the whole…

Here’s a wee letter I’m writing to friends, if you’d like in let me know:

I’m thinking of you and want to invite you to a get-together this Solstice – online! I’ve begun hosting small gatherings online and I like it! Suits me, especially in these winter months. Easiest is to join a new Facebook group that I have just started too – Sourcing Vitality Community – I can ‘join’ you if you like text me saying “Join me”– I sure would like a place where we can support each other as we evolve and create new culture – all while living the interesting lives that we lead.

I’m posting a short film I just put together here.  The film just sets the tone for the next online gathering – which will be Monday Dec. 18th at 8pm. Theme is: Silence & Listening (re: the video – keep the volume low – it is atmospheric sounds from 30 seconds or so)

The Sourcing Vitality Community is a place where we can share our ways of creating energy for and by ourselves…. I hope to share about what is stirring in me and bringing me vitality… things like healing modalities, elements of nature, Cultural Emergence, Social Permaculture techniques & insights, sensory awareness for self & children, energy medicine and communicating from the heart– all included integrated and spiced with Irish language phrases & words that I like – oh and if there is a topic which you’d like to learn more about, perhaps we could set up a study group and invite teachers… I’ve one or two in mind, suitable for the winter season.

Write back with “Join me” if you’d like me to do so. (kathleen at

Le Gra


Sourcing Vitality  Community Group (on Facebook) Join here