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Salads, Spuds & Song – Grow Your Own & Sing Your Own

🌱 In this video, the latest in the series, Patrick McCartney shows us how to grow salads, potatoes and then he shares his own composition about where he lives along The Foyle in Inishowen, Donegal. I am so grateful to have Paddy as a friend and neighbour. He has trained many people over the decades, and now he presents us with ‘how to’ grow food with ease & joy! This video is one of a series recorded in March, 2021. I encourage you to Give it a Grow! (subscribe for updates)

The Video of Paddy’s Garden Salads, Spuds & Song

Participate with yourself… good food, being out in the fresh air & humming a tune or two!

Play it for the song…. 💗 Enjoy the soothing tones of Patrick McCartney sharing his tip tips of growing your own salads & spuds! We’ve made this video for you to grow along with us this season. 🌱 I’m happy to post seeds to you, just get in touch. Doing this will be a highlight of this year 😊 From seed to supper in 2021 (and if you seed save / when you seed save, from seed to supper 2022 & beyond)!

By the way, I am thrilled at restoring my editing skills!  My voice is returning anew!

Kathleen O’Hara Farren