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Sacred Messages with guest Mishi McCoy

Sacred Messages is a very special series in the Wholesome & Wild podcast. Presented by Kathleen O’Hara Farren & Sandra Saradesi, today we meet Mishi McCoy and together explore our experiences with the Fountain of Plenitude….

Mishi McCoy – a real true joy to be with!

“It was foreign to me to say ‘no’ to someone else. That I could say ‘yes’ to myself and not feel guilt. Yes, that light-heartedness, lightness of being, I can’t say that it is restored to me because I don’t ever remember having it like this! … You know when I cried earlier, it wasn’t because I was in pain… it was because I’m not in pain!” shares Mishi.

“I’ve a sense of ‘Don’t give up’ before you’ve opened your eyes. Just don’t give up! There is Hope. There is Potential. There is Benevolence.” says Kathleen.

“Don’t give up 5 minutes before the Miracle! You’ve been ready for this.” says Sandra. And further Sandra says: “When you are coming home to the self, what is really happening to the body, that the body is such a miracle, that it has to raise up to the task of hosting the soul and the spirit, because it’s time for the reunion. That is why all of this work… to bring that into the Oneness.”

This is the 3rd in a Special Series called “Sacred Messages” for the podcast Wholesome & Wild. Sacred Messages = Eolas Naofa and Wholesome & Wild = Folláin & Fiáin in Irish Gaeilge. For more information on The Fountain of Plenitude visit:​


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I have just looked at Mishi\s Gathering page … sooo uplifting!

The Lovely Knowing by Mishi McCoy is a book that you may wish to read!