A great launch event with a wonderful group gathered online and shared stories and song.  Our hearts are open, like the door to this new venture!  Please find the podcasts on this page, below.  And a special Graphic Harvest of the Launch Event is on it’s way to this page! (Please sign into the mailing list, to keep in touch)

Emerging from the Edge is a lifestyle that’s Wholesome & Wild in nature.  Join me, Kathleen O’Hara Farren exploring new ways of being through immersing your senses in stories & songs & walks & talks.     Guests share their most enjoyable health tips & newest cultural creations.     You are invited to try something new that will enliven your senses.     You are welcome to listen as I walk the coast & through the fields describing what I am witnessing. Welcome to the edge of the new emerging culture, a perspective that will assist you become Wholesome & Wild!

The intention of Wholesome & Wild is to support each other in starting new projects & creating new ways of being!

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Podcast Episodes are below here and also: https://anchor.fm/kathleen-ohara-farren

Here’s a 10 minute taster of the 1st series.  The theme is Spine & Back support and also, encouragement to do something new!  Enjoy the many voices share their enthusiasm for their backs and life!


Episode 1.Welcome to have a listen to the process I went through to get this Podcast up and running!  I LOVE to share what I see and sense while out walking and while gardening.  In this episode, we walk by the shore, visit the polytunnel and ponder the invisible benefits in life!  I am happy to host this new Podcast.  Thanks for listening from me Kathleen O’Hara Farren (you’re welcome to share this from www.theedgeschool.net/podcast)


Episode 2. The theme is The Back/ Spine & Doing Something New!   Hosting is Kathleen O’Hara Farren, who says, “I’m happy to share one of my tree stories”.  Guests in this episode Lucie of the Light shares how she embraces life and Yvette Jane from Place of Serenity guides us through a beautiful Tree meditation (the last ten minutes).  https://www.facebook.com/PlaceOfSerenity

Episode 3. In this episode, Kathleen meets Chiropractor Anthony Lavin from Freedom Spinal Health and learns about the spine. Then (in the last ten minutes) Jennifer Lavin guides us through some gentle exercises for the back. https://www.facebook.com/Freedomhealthandchiropractic/ Thank you for listening.  You are welcome to share this and listen to more from Wholesome & Wild / Folláin is Fiáin www.theedgeschool.net/podcast


Episode 4. In this episode, Kathleen meets Charlotte Roost who shares her experience and insights from having Back issues.  Coming home to herself, it turns out, was the remedy that worked for Charlotte.  Su Hammond treats us to her new song (composed the day that I invited Su to share a song for this Podcast) – again the Oak tree gifts us all with great support, as Su sings…  Here is more from Su: https://youtu.be/RUsaUPxbT2U


Episode 5. Introducing us to the wild plants and their many uses, is Roisín Lyle-Collins from Eastern Scotland.  Roisín’s enthusiasm for this, a new venture is a delight!  Recorded in the month of April, 2020 when the plants were young and fresh!  We wrap this episode with a song also fresh and new, from Kathleen.  Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/RoisinLyleCollins Thanks for listening.   If you’d like to hear more please join the mailing list or come visit www.theedgeschool.net