Past Events

Gathering to share new sing-along songs and chants in Irish – expressing our love of life and nature

Beidh an cruinniú timpeall an tine (ar Zoom) ag canadh amhráin nua atá spreagtha ag an timpeallacht. (6ú Marta,7:30pm)

Cruinniú leis na filí nua atá “ag teacht amach as na sléibhte”. Beidh an cruinniú timpeall an tine (ar Zoom) ag canadh amhráin nua atá spreagtha ag an timpeallacht.

Beidh muidinne ag cur i láthair amhráin agus dánta nua, a thagann as ár rannpháirtíocht leis na heilimintí: Aer, Talamh, Tine, Uisce agus Nach Eol (ATTUNE). Amhráin le haidiachtaí agus mothúcháin a léiríonn go sonrach dearcadh nua (cosúil leis na ‘Waulking Songs’ ó Albain agus Chanting nó Rounds Singing).

Is féidir le daoine sa bhaile (ar Zoom) canadh chomh maith (gan mic). Beidh atmaisféar timpeall na tine ann le gach duine ag glacadh sealanna.

Glaoch ar Zoom le rannpháirtithe as fud na tíre agus roinnt thar lear.

Tá fáilte roimh gach duine ann.  Má tá amhrain agat, abair liom!    Booking & Eventbrite (Yes, it is free!)


At this Gathering around the fire (on Zoom) we will be singing new songs inspired by the environment. (March 6, 7:30 pm) We will be meeting with the new poets & bards who are “coming out of the mountains”.  We will be presenting new songs and poems, which come from our involvement with the elements: Air, Land, Fire, Water and Unknown (ATTUNE). Songs with adjectives and emotions that specifically reflect a new perspective (like the ‘Waulking Songs’ from Scotland and Chanting or Rounds Singing). People at home (on Zoom) can sing along as well (without mic). There will be a campfire atmosphere with everyone taking turns, with participants from across the country and some overseas. Everyone is welcome. Booking & Eventbrite Information:   If you have songs, let me know!

The Good Life is the theme of this episode by Anna Kavanagh.  Anna chats with myself, Dr Dilis Clare Apothecary and Siobhán de Paor about life! Joined by Peter Dunne we consider cause and effect in this world!  Feels like the door is open to an amazing future.

Click this link to tune into this: The Good Life video interviews

Sovereignty Ireland online event Convergence Saturday Feb 20th 6pm. I’ve a real sense of everything coming together perfectly. Looking forward to this Convergence. All welcome!


You are invited to Birth a New Song! Please do consider this opportunity to express with song at dawn on December 21st, 2020.


Start the week in a relaxed and creative space… I want to offer this to Home Ed parents as they inspire me so much and have helped me on my path as a Home Ed parent. Also I am inviting people from Valuing Vitality (my Facebook group). If you’d like to come, get in touch with me.

Edge School is about Inner experiences mostly… Core work becomes play when you relax into your creativity. On 11th of November at 11am join me online for an hour of Relaxation and Creativity. I will email you the call video link when you sign up.

“A Treat for the Senses” in preparation for Solstice and Christmas.

Treats include Sound Healing and Fragrance Alchemy Oils.

Email to register your interest.

Summer 2019 Workshops in Tai Chi & Wild Crafts

Magical experience on our local beach, facing the waves and flowing through Tai Chi guided by the lovely Marion Boon. Classes continue in Greencastle Community Centre.

Edge-ucation!  Thank you to our mentor Roisin Lyle-Collins for the Wild Crafts day this summer.  You have inspired the youth in the Uru Club, Inishowen.

Also if there is something you are interested in that we’ve explored here – let me know and I can integrate it into future activities.  There is lots of potential and many ways of learning!

If you would like to join in future events like this please let me know:

One week of Edge School in Moville – morning’s Connect Cafe and Tues eve Meditation and Fri eve The Social!

Inspiring Inishowen – A Creative Conversation welcomes all for a cuppa on Feb 4th at 4pm to enjoy sharing experiences of being inspired in and by Inishowen. This one-off event is part of the Fire Starter Festival, which is a two-week festival of collaborative learning events, illuminating creative, challenging and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our families, our organisations, our clubs, our communities, our sectors, our environment and the wider system. It will be held from 27th January to 11th February 2019 across all of Ireland. The Fire Starter Festival was first launched by the Scottish Government in 2015, with the intention of being a national festival sparking change across the country for public good. Counties Donegal & Derry/Londonderry have events in this years Fire Starter Festival.

“Trying out something new is encouraged by Fire Starter” says Inspiring Inishowen host Kathleen O’Hara Farren. She invites all to experience conversation in an inspiring way and bring your inspiring thoughts and gifts… Simply put this is a gathering of people of all ages sitting drinking tea and chatting but deeper down this is a hive of creative ideas which may form our future here in Inishowen! A couple of hours of entertainment and conversation, World Cafe is one where you have rounds of conversations about what is inspiring you about where you live. You are invited to bring info and gifts to share. “I hope that creative and enterprising people in the community will attend to share and support others. I hope also that children will be well represented, as well as elders from all over Inishowen. This is a rare opportunity, in a time of great potential for us to come together and be inspired to take ourselves & Inishowen to the best possible way of living!” says Kathleen O’Hara Farren the Inspiring Inishowen event facilitator.

Check out more events (including Garvagh)

The Point Inn, Quigley’s Point, Inishowen
Feb 4th, 4 to 6pm

Contact Kathleen O’Hara Farren 086 1211898 or book on Eventbrite.


Conversation Cafe – A Light-hearted event with you as the star!  Come and share your golden moments from nature & life, in conversation with friends and family – an Inter-generational gathering.  Free to attend.

Moville: May 4th @4pm, Carndonagh: May 17th @ 7pm and Buncrana: May 23rd @ 6:30pm.

We will start with some relaxing music and then with a cup of tea or coffee in hand we’ll talk in small groups about our golden moments from our life, in particular expressing special moments in nature and with family.  Doodling is encouraged, as it helps us to remember the gems from our conversations.

So an hour or so of music, nature and art is the treat Kathleen O’Hara Farren has in store for you, this Bealtaine Festival season.    A local Cultural Creative, Kathleen has initiated many interesting events in Inishowen over the years including the Inishowen Summer Gathering, the Anchor Arts Centre and Celebrate Water!  She’s been learning the art of hosting with World Cafe and a selection of creative workshops.

Here is the events on Facebook & a way to get in touch:



Unleash Your Inner Storyteller with Nancy Mellon online talk & workshop


Mach's Twins Book Cover
Inishowen launch of the book Macha’s Twins by Kate Fitzpatrick

Author of Macha's Twins, A Spiritual Journey with The Celtic Horse Goddess

Author of Macha’s Twins, A Spiritual Journey with The Celtic Horse Goddess
Moville Library

June 21st, 2017
Wednesday evening
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Register interest with
Book Launch Host:   Kathleen O’Hara Farren

The Edge School happily hosted The Way of the Bard in July 2017

Bard-goes-to-Ireland (1)-page-001

“A group of young adults in USA have been working together for four years studying “The Way of the Bard.” They have practised performance skills, storytelling and acting, music and dance. They have hiked mountains and slept in hammocks and prepared meals for each other.

But most importantly, this group of extraordinary young people have discovered who they are, what makes each of them unique and strong, and how to tell their own story, with brave honesty. They realize that with this kind of truth comes the power to make a difference in the world.



“Learning naturally!”
Presentation and conversation with Stefanie Mohsennia
Learning Naturally in Derry&Inishowen

Birth a New Song @ Uisneach

I am delighted to have produced this short film on this inspiring collaborative event: Birth a New Song @ Uisneach:


Local people with interest in rivers invite all to meet at Grianan Who's Who - Feb 22 '17Local people with interest in rivers invite all to meet at Grianan Who’s Who – Feb 22 ’17

Living Permaculture from the Inside Out - exploring ways of sharing, caring and connecting - in a welcoming space where stillness is revealing and stories bring laughter.Living Permaculture from the Inside Out – exploring ways of sharing, caring and connecting – in a welcoming space where stillness is revealing and stories bring laughter.[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22hosting_tab%22%7D]%7D

Cad É- Meet-up Aug.2016 (1)

Essential Listening weekend workshop – Supported by ETB Donegal[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22hosting_tab%22%7D]%7D

Energy Dowsing for House & Land Workshop[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22hosting_tab%22%7D]%7D

Willow Cutting Weekend[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22hosting_tab%22%7D]%7D

Post Lunch Permaculture Prattle – a series monthly meet-ups in 2014 when we discussed a Permaculture Principle amongst enthusiasts in the community.[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22hosting_tab%22%7D]%7D