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Wild Calm Creations is our online shop selling beautiful hardwood Bog Oak Pendants

Hearts & Crafts is what you experience in these sessions – deeply connecting to your own heart while enjoying making a simple craft. Contact me for the next Craft & Care Session date:
On the 1st of every month I do a special Remote Healing session.  Recent treatments include: The Heart & Pure Emotions, Healing from Self-destructiveness and Healing of the Body Meridians.  Send €12 to Paypal or become a member/patron for new treatments every month.


Delighted to be able to offer these luxurious healing oils

☺️💖 Healing of the Heart is a most beautiful healing modality.  It is called Belvaspata and was received by the mystic Almine while in Ireland in 2006.🌟 If you would like to receive this, I can discuss how it works with you, your loved ones and pets. It is daily distance healing and I simply facilitate self-healing through newly available angelic support.  One treatment is €60 and includes a bonus inclusion in a Daily Maintenance Programme for six months.  This supports the issues addressed during the treatment. ☺️💖

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