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M’athair ar talamh & thall – My father on earth & beyond

M’athair ar talamh & thall – My father on earth & beyond

We stopped at the tree, to hear the melodious birdsong.   The moment lasts an eternity.  “It’s the Blackbird – an Lon Dubh” says my Dad, Aidan O’Hara.  Immersed in that sound and that moment I knew he and I would connect forever, with deep appreciation for the beauty coming from that bird in this tree.

And now that moment returns.  All stress released, all nerves at peace for he and I, and we’ll always have that sound – the direct communication and exploration of the magnificence of this moment – shared together wherever and whenever, we are open to it.

Dad’s life’s celebration will be wonderful.  We are preparing for this now and I am taking an attitude of hope and joyous anticipation of a most magical experience.  He demonstrated the effect of attitude, by selecting to live with attitudes of Love, Praise and Gratitude especially well in his final year, here on earth.  In the past 14 months I have opened my heart immensely as Dad welcomed me to assist him with easing the changes in his body.  He’d say ”Have you got your oils?” when I came to visit.  I learned that I had healing hands, as he called them and that I enjoy caring and sharing my top tools and techniques for self care.

My dear Dad passed away holding my hand on his left side and holding Mom’s hand on his right.

I’ve been visiting my parents more regularly and each time, I had a new perspective on communications to share with Dad.  You see, Communications is my thing – I studied it in College and worked in TV and Radio and like my dad, I like documentary film-making.  So all my life we had the awareness of media communications in common.  Recently this has been changing and each time I’ve seen him, the communications have been refined… as we got closer with the hands on caring, I told him:  Dad, I now communicate with you “heart to heart”.  Then it quickly evolved to “essence to essence” and this allowed the supreme communication “soul to soul”, such that I told him “I’ll always be with you”.

Thanks Dad for sharing this life of communication with me – through many ways, in Irish – as Gaeilge, in song & story and now deep soul connection.  As I reminded him last Sunday, “Is Beannaithe thú, Is Naofa thú, Is Rí thú” (You are blessed, You are Sacred, You are a King).

Aidan O’Hara always invited communication.  I invite you to continue his legacy by communicating anew always.

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