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Lovin’ Life!

Tonight I ‘go live’ with Anna Kavanagh of Centre Ground, The Irish Inquiry on the theme “The Good Life”. I’m in good company with Dr Clare Apothecary and Siobhán de Paor of Wild Irish Retreat

Lovin’ Life!

Pondering the gems that are in my life and the wider community of Ireland (& beyond) I am considering what I can offer… You see the gems have (so often) been overlooked and now is as good a time as any for us to reveal our skills and abilities.

Making Family Legacy video’s is a project that I’ve enjoyed doing in the past and I can show you how to make these, with ease, now.  Valuing our elders, many of whom haven’t been heard.  For example the beautiful recitations of the storytellers in the new book on Waterways of Ireland was such a treasure to hear (on a recent Launch call online).  Encore and more, I say!

I’m brimming with possibilities of how to make & live “The Good Life”!  You can tune in Live or Later: