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Emerging from the Inside is a whole new creation …
Emerging from the Edge is a lifestyle that’s Wholesome & Wild in nature.  Join Kathleen exploring new ways of being through immersing your senses in stories & songs and walks & talks.  Guests share their most enjoyable health tips and newest cultural creations. You are invited to try something new that will enliven your senses.  Join me, Kathleen O’Hara Farren as I walk the coast and through fields describing what I am witnessing. Welcome to the edge of the new emerging culture, a perspective that will assist you become Wholesome & Wild!
Belvaspata is a gentle and powerful healing modality. I have benefited greatly from receiving Belvaspata in recent years. I invite you to join now. A new 6 month series of treatments begins May 1st 2020. Payment 12 euro per month is made via Paypal:

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