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Inviting you to a New Mailing System!

If you like to keep in touch with me please join the new mailing list.  I’ll inform you of interesting events and will send you short video’s to assist with WellBeing.

I am delighted to have made contact with the 62 people who signed up to The Edge School mailing list and have patiently been waiting for an email from me… well today I made the connection!  From now on communications will be simple and direct to your email.

An example of some n’ews from my new mail outs… You can join through this website, at the bottom of the main page.

Another way to keep in touch with me is through my YouTube channel where I’v begun a series of short videos on how to grow food.  Paddy’s Garden with Organic Food Gardening guru Patrick McCartney is already getting great support – he is a local treasure (and we may hear some singing and pleasant whistling!)