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Inner Pathways & Asha Centre Gathering online was great!

Inner Pathways and Asha Centre Gathering was great!

Really I want to celebrate the hosts of tonights Gathering online – sharing fantastic tools and techniques by giving us, the participants, an experience to remember – and that is a remembering through the heart and the body as well as the head! For free books on their findings after two years of looking at the importance of inner change for outer change:

And Asha Centre for Young People looks amazing – every town and village will have these services in the happy hopeful future I am imagining!

Another great place for these innovative creative places is Eco-Dharma in the Pyrenees in Spain.  I was there for a week retreat a few years ago – grateful for the grants and the skills sharing!  Moving Sounds hosted it!  They are still bringing joy to people’s lives.

It all inspires me and gives me support to create from the heart!

Thanks Lex Titterington and Keith from Moving Sounds for the great time in Spain!