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Healing of the Heart & so much more

“As a Graduate of Communications I never could have imagined that I would be facilitating this miraculous healing modality.  Belvaspata brings communication to a magical level.  The sensation of both giving and receiving Belvaspata is an inner communication like none other.  And after years of being a Belvaspata practitioner, I can safely say that the sensations increase in a truly lovely way.

When I was initiated by Ciara Young, it was like a massive door was opened for me to do what is mine to do on Earth and for all life on Earth.  The whole body sensation I have while giving Belvaspata directly relates to the specific protocol that I am giving to my client, friend or family member.   For example I’ll often do The 12 Pure Emotions for a family member or a group, feeling each emotion deeply.  The physical and mental bodies are well cared for too with Belvaspata protocols addressing all sorts of health issues.

It is both humbling and empowering to be able to give and receive this beautiful outstanding healing modality.  It is profound that the Belvaspata practitioner is like a networker, liaison person who opens doors and that the healing is available when the recipient becomes receptive… it is timeless in that way.

It delights me that Belvaspata magically arose in Ireland along with Cosmic changes in the summer of 2006, while The Seer Almine was giving a retreat here.  In my experience Belvaspata deeply facilitates healing within and enhances consciousness.  I’m so pleased to be enabled to give what I like to call Beannachtaí / Blessings.

I’m so happy to know that Ciara is offering this profound gift again. It is a unique treat for yourself and  everyone who receives Belvaspata from you. I hope many may feel the joy of it and share this gift of healing.  Ciara Young is highly professional in this area and I sincerely recommend her to anyone drawn to be initiated in Belvaspata.”

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