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Harvest & Seeds

This moment is FULL!  That is how it seems to me.

I often write poetry to explain these feelings and maybe someday I shall share more of my poems.  In the meantime I feel the poetic in each moment and it comes out sometimes.

The Gathering that I was at this weekend is a perfect example of how each moment is full… we shared our harvests of food and projects that we have been working on and we shared many conversations and experiences (I liked the dancing, singing and yoga) with each activity stimulating potential and possibilities – like seeds awakening.

Eating fruit under the young oak, strengthens my back and brings a smile to my heart

So I am happy to live a life that in each moment is full with appreciation of what has been and in hopeful anticipation of what is coming.

Checkout my Edge School – Evolving Connections Facebook page for a video about the Northern Permaculture Gathering 2019.

With love and best wishes for this season.

Kathleen O’Hara Farren