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Happy Balancing!

It is Equal Day and Night now with the Autumn Equinox.  How does this look & feel for you?  Balance – the word draws me to it… and Poise occurs and Centring and Stillness yet still flowing within.


I am drawn to seeing through new eyes what life is like without focussing on the opposites but rather on the moment of the co-operation of two, like the moment of Balance – the invitation to Poise and Centring. I like the slowing down aspect too.   Slowing to listen & feel what is happening when I allow this moment to be in balance, be…


So be it the co-operation of male and female within you, may peace be yours. Or may it be the alertness of the space which occurs when you slow your busyness and be in perfect pace with Poise & Grace, may being centred be your experience.  Or may it be the food you feed yourself – a balanced diet – may you enjoy whole body health.  And may this experience of Balance in this moment be present to leverage us to the next moment in whole health!