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Guardian of the Peace – Celebrating My Grandfather

“His duties required that he check that place out regularly, to make sure that it was observing the licencing laws but basically, it was to go up and see her!  They became friends, and got married in 1925” my father, Aidan O’Hara tells me on a phone call as he celebrates this day the Centenary of his father arriving in his beloved Donegal

James O’Hara of Drumlish County Longford arrived in Donegal September 30, 1922 at his first station as a Garda Síochána, the newly formed Police in a newly formed State of Ireland.

My Grandmother, Marjorie Curran was a youth in 1922 living at the farmhouse at The Swilly Inn.   Their love story begins one hundred years ago and their legacy of a family who’ve settled with their families living peaceful lives, is a noble one.

Marjorie and Jim (James) O’Hara on their wedding day in 1925.

I’ll be celebrating life in Inishowen Donegal shortly with an Arts, Music and Dance event that promises to be Peaceful and Enjoyable.  Peace Síocháin has always been at the fore of my intentions in this beautiful life!

Today too, my firstborn son Eoghan, now a young man, returned safely from his travels in Europe.  I do love having a wholesome home to welcome him back to Donegal.

Thank you dad, Aidan O’Hara for reminding me of the honourable work done by our ancestors and elders on this wonderful island.  I feel as though I too am part of a newly forming peaceful reality here & now in 2022.
“On Saturday, September 30th, the C.D.R. train pulled in to the platform at Letterkenny Station – out stepped fifty sturdy unarmed men in blue uniforms. Dr Martin, R.M.S. St Conal’s, and Dr. McGinley T.D., were there to greet them, and were they glad to see them!” [Niall Mac Fhionnghaile, “Dr McGinley and His Times” (Letterkenny, 1985), pp. 59-60] My father was among them and I have his account of that occasion. By Aidan O’Hara
A recent publication by Seán Beattie called ” The Garda Síochána in Donegal (1922-1923)” features my grandfather James O’Hara amongst the many who played their part of life in Ireland in the last century.  May we too enjoy playing our part with being in peace within and out!

Kathleen O’Hara Farren

September 30th, 2022

The event bringing Peace, that I spoke of: