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Feeling new era like… songs & seeds

Slow paced life is my favorite!  Indoors with weather playing up a storm now – snow earlier this week and me in bed missing Sean Nos Dance class amongst other external activities – yet it is within that the true life lives!

This week has had so much happen – and I was asleep for half of it (unwell) but now I’m so happy to feel alive again – really revived! And my motto for recent times is: Today I’m Revving up Reverence (with all things natural). Works a treat! Song that I sing is the start of a campfire song born at Uisneach.

The Short Video LINK:


Sharing the joy of opening a package of seeds for us to grow our food as well as fine flowers.  Thanks for the inspiration Helen Husinec, The Rock Ballymacavany ( – the variety and potential abounds!

The Seeds LINK:


What are you enjoying these days?  I hope you have some great dreams and visions – and practices to get you there!

Le Grá,


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