Innovative Education Opportunities

Fairy Friends Session in Greencastle

I so enjoyed the day at Greencastle’s Maritime Museum!  We made homes galore and I think there may be more…. keep tuned!

Here is a note / review from the fairies:

Alive oh alive we are now so
Having dined so fine midst the children’s glow
The shine of their smiles
Brought us out for a while
And oh how the children
Us did beguile
While the children did build
A fairy terrain
We played by their side
Even while it rained
The colours and stepways
And hammocks and seats
Had us laughing and playing
Before the Feast
There was food fine and music
Ceol binn, suimhneas
I hope to be back soon
For I left there my crois!
Alive oh alive we are now so
Having féile midst páiste’s glow