Innovative Education Opportunities

Evolving Your Communication Skills Now!

I’ve tried & tested these modes of communications and recommend them for your personal enjoyment and skills development but also for the enhancement of our society and the smooth transition to wholesome living.  Jump in now!
Always a pleasure to engage with The World Cafe online
1. Once a month World Cafe founders host a call for all…
“In this month’s Community World Cafe, we take time to immerse ourselves into the field of “inviting & being invited”.
Come and join us for inspiring conversations, heartfelt connections, and amazing co-learning.
Explore the light that is radiating from the open door…
We’d love to see you on Wednesday!
These Community Cafes give us a time to lean in and ask what we need to meet the challenges and celebrations before us, individually and together; a time to listen to others and to speak our truth. A time to remember we are in this together.” (from The World Cafe Community email).
March 10th 6pm (Irishtime) Register here
2. Storytelling training library from the generous Chennai Storytelling Festival (this year 2021 Storytelling & Healing PLUS previous years)
Truly a treasure trove awaits you… come & explore:
Link to Storytelling Institute – Workshops & more
3. “A Homecoming to Community and the greater natural world” from Bringing It Home offering 8 Shields wisdom and nature-based culture repair practices into your life, family, work and communities.  Weekends online starting soon!
Eating fruit under the young oak, strengthens my back and brings a smile to my heart