Innovative Education Opportunities

Equinox – Equal day & night – Bringing new to light

Words and pictures on the screen speak something but what speaks to me most truly is my own inner voice and senses…. so this Equinox I can say that I hear and feel a new beginning… So I will be open to that new way of being and I will be living and expressing in a new way.  I have new gifts to offer which I am introducing to family and friends and anyone who asks – Belvaspata is a miraculous healing modality suitable for all and Fragrance Alchemy is a selection of beautiful flower oils with specific uses for clearing and vitalising.  I hope to create some video’s for you.  Home life is happy and healthy as I continue with Home Education and keep learning how to grow food!   So I invite you too, to be open to the new and to share some skills that haven’t seen the light of day yet.  May you feel your inner light shine and smile your way through the day.

Beautiful blossoms bursting forth in you too!