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Converging Connections

At the Convergence 4 this Saturday, I will speak about the Communication tools & techniques that I have enjoyed over the years.  You may experience some of my approach called “Gather Yourself”.

Convergence 4 event info

Work is play!

Over the years, I have organised Gatherings which celebrate connections with our true nature and the wilds of nature (Transition Inishowen, Celebrate Water, Inishowen Summer Gathering, Anchor Arts Centre, All Ireland Permaculture Gathering).  Each and every project includes wonderfully skilled individuals who are pioneering visionary ways of being.

‘Gathering Oneself’ is my most recent project, which integrates practices of inner work with ways of gathering together, such as World Cafe and Art of Mentoring.
“I trust that we have all we need as we step into a whole new world of beauty.  Tuning into the abundance is an eye opener and it helps open the heart as well.”
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Le Grá, With Love,
Kathleen O’Hara Farren