Innovative Education Opportunities

Connecting – ready to evolve how you connect?

When I stopped resisting the call to connect and provide new ways for us all to connect …. floods of opportunities have come my way to offer people courses in communications – for example: Fun & Free COMPUTER CLASS (in Inishowen).

I am amazed at what can happen when people come together so thanks to all participants who come with an open heart to explore what’s on offer at The Edge School.

Computer class

And also to help bring better communications is a one-off class (online) in STORYTELLING with the wonderful author Nancy Mellon.

And the door is open to free membership of my online Facebook group SOURCING VITALITY COMMUNITY – we meet once every 6 weeks to connect on a theme which helps us keep clear and uplifted – ie Sourcing Vitality….

Click here to join Sourcing Vitality Community group

I anticipate a real live gathering of kindred folk this Spring in Gort’s Crannóg… where I will share the latest in Cultural Emergence as we prepare for more at the European Permaculture Gathering in August in Wicklow… we each have so much to offer as this new culture emerges and blossoms!  I look forward to hearing how you are doing and being!

All of this is what I call Emergent Culture.  Your participation brings it alive!

Sourcing Vitality