Innovative Education Opportunities

Celebrating Creating the New Emergences! (for over 20 years!)

Pollution had my focus and I was getting down

Until I remembered Life in Glen of the Downs

Celebrate is what I did there and now

Coz pollution in all it’s ways will never shake my crown

Celebrating trees and living on a breeze

20 years ago the road at the Glen of the Downs was closed for the day to make way for bicycles Tour De France and we celebrated!  And that is what makes sense to me.    (these still images are from video footage which I want to edit when the editor makes themselves known to me)

A year ago I delighted in sharing Cultural Emergence techniques and meeting leading lights who have always nurtured the new in their pioneering ways.

Croí8 Cultural Emergence art: going through change gracefully so we may live our potentials….

Campfire always offers the best atmosphere for stories and songs!

Recording our stories & songs which made way for a spontaneous dance.  (Featuring Way of the Bard and Aidan & Joyce O’Hara)

Location of our home and Edge School – which is open to you who are keen on becoming more conscious and creative in all that you do!