Innovative Education Opportunities

Can you see new possibilities?

Along with the flooding which followed the eclipse of the new moon this week, I’ve had a flood of clarity about possibilities.

Living a life with ease and in joy is my choice and when crisis happens – I see it as a big growth opportunity and what do you know? The people I speak with these days each have marvelous solutions for the care of ourselves and our surroundings. Some were well prepared having just cleared the drains and others were aware of alternative preferences but would need support to put know-how into practice.  And the resilience…. the heart connection…. the care that is beyond words… the invisible and the strong support giving and receiving – and the clarity from those who are steeped in a natural connection…. may I be true to my nature and may we grow from this shared experience.  Enjoy this short video where I ponder the rainbow and more that may be visible on the horizon…