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Birth a New Song Winter Solstice 2020 @ Dawn (where you are)


You are invited to sing and play (new & emerging) expressions to welcome in the new realities birthing this Winter Solstice.  Participants will attend this event from Ireland’s holy mountains, sacred sites and places ‘where you stand’.

A whisper, a laugh, silent moment, a dance… as One – alone & together.

Many of you will have felt the powerful shifts of energy, with old patterns clearing away to make way for the new world we having been dreaming into being.

This Winter Solstice, 21st December 2020, we greet the rising sun from all around this land with love and unity in our hearts, amplifying our prayers with our voices, birthing a new song, a new peaceful vibration for humanity and the Earth.

No experience of any kind is needed to participate in this invitation. We all have a beautiful and powerful voice available to us to express our truth and energise our intentions. A single note is enough, a simple song or chant, melody or movement of any kind, that resonates and expresses your authentic self and your prayer.

We will hold an online call on Saturday evening, Dec. 12th to explore how to ‘Birth a New Song’. We will connect with one another, share our intentions and inspirations and access the collective wisdom of those who are joining.  You may like to share some simple songs and practices, so that others on the call may gather ideas. You may also simply prepare to engage in your own way.

Essentially, this is a Self-Organising event and care and enjoyment is up to you!

We are all powerful spiritual beings. We all have the power to embody our authentic self and voice and create new realities. We amplify this power by connecting with and honouring sacred land. Mountains have a special significance as places of wisdom and spirit. In Irish shamanic tradition there are 9 Holy Mountains, Uisneach at the centre, and 2 in each province. There are many other sacred hills and mountains, cairns, holy wells, fairy forts and trees and other sacred places. The invitation is to be at whatever sacred mountain or other place that calls to you, alone or with friends, family and community, at the time of sunrise, to honour this unique moment of change, marked by the relationship of the earth, the sun and us, and sing or sound your prayers and wishes for this new world. This is a very open invitation to follow your own heart and inspiration. As we invite sound and voice, we also invite silence, movement, laughter, ritual and whatever inspires and moves you in the moment.

We are deeply joyful to share this innovative invitation with you who are moved to respond. We would love to hear from you, where you are, what inspires and calls you. This is a co-created expression of our collective prayer for change and a joining with all this year who will gather to celebrate the birth of new life at Winter Solstice. There is no hierarchy or leaders, simply a joyful invitation to celebrate and sing together.

You may feel content to ‘Birth a New Song’ at home or at a special place nearby. We welcome those from beyond the shores of Ireland to join and honour sunrise where you are. You may like to record your Birthing a New Song experience, who knows what harmony we may discover!

Birth a New Song Winter Solstice 2020 is anchored by Elaine Ní Chiardha of Singing the Land and Kathleen O’Hara Farren of The Edge School & Wild Calm.   Friends around Ireland and Earth are also supporting this project.  We follow on from Birth a New Song at Uisneach in 2017.

“I am deeply moved and inspired by the potential of the human spirit to create new realities, and the magic that happens when we join our hearts and voices,“ says Elaine.

Kathleen adds, “Birth a New Song is a project that simply brings great joy to my heart. Singing while walking through fields and on the beach comes naturally to me, and the invitation to do this in a conscious and reverent way, excites me!”

The 9 Holy Mountains of Irish Shamanic tradition are:

Uisneach, centre (West Meath)

Errigal, North (Donegal)

Emain Macha, North (Armagh)

Tara, East (Meath)

Lughnacoille, East (Wicklow)

Carrauntoohil, South (Kerry)

Mount Brandon, South (Kerry)

Croagh Patrick, West (Mayo)

Ben Bulbin, West (Sligo)

We recognise that it may not be practical to have people at the top of each of these mountains at sunrise! We don’t recommend that you climb any tall mountain in the dark unless you are an experienced mountaineer and know what you’re doing. Above all please be safe. All mountains are sacred and places of wisdom. We can call in and invoke these 9 holy mountains from wherever we are.

Preparation Call:

Online (Zoom) to explore

‘how to Birth a New Song?’

Saturday, Dec.12th

at 7:30pm until 9pm Irish Time

Eventbrite Free booking will give you the Zoom link.

The Event:

You decide where, simply relax & sing!

Monday, Dec. 21st

at Dawn (around 8:35am)

Eolas / Information:

Booking for the Preparation Call: