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Be Free, I Trust You as all is Anew

“I’m so happy that I was in Home School during my childhood because until I went to Secondary School, I didn’t know what it felt like to be judged” said my son, in his final year in school.

He is part of a whole new reality that I can see happening & changing in front of my eyes… A reality that you see through Real Eyes, unclouded by social conditioning and the fog of bad news and distorted views.  The reality that I speak of is available through the attitude that you choose to live with.
Seeing things anew is a perspective that you can choose too.  Seeing from another angle and freeing yourself from known ways of doing things is most beneficial for wellbeing.
So now, as the pattern goes, today we prepare for school and also for the exam results.  Tomorrow (for the children choosing school), the uniform will be put on and the schedules given for some subjects that youth will excel in and enjoy and others that are just on the curriculum.  With this new earth that we are now living on, how many new subjects that have to do with living and loving life will be on offer in school?  Will each child and teacher feel free to be their true shine self?  And will those receiving Leaving Cert Exam results know that this is not really a reflection of their true self?  Choosing where to put your focus is another key practice of learning how to be in the true new reality.
One’s True Self does not judge, it loves.
Here’s to seeing with new eyes, choosing attitudes of love and gratitude and refining as new life is revealed.  Cheers to listening to your own inner voice that comes from a place of self-love and Yay to trusting yourself no matter what anyone else says or does.  Asking ‘what is emerging from within?’ is a core practice with me. The Edge School endeavours to nurture this way of embracing the new, be it the new you or the new earth around you…