ATTUNE stands for…

ATTUNE stands for… Let me tell you through pictures:

short film series of my exploration of ATTUNE

That wasn’t the start though… ATTUNE arrived in my perception a while ago and I announced it at completion of Birth a New Song at Uisneach Hill by the big wonderful stone there. After we had gathered in circle walked the site and sang the elements into sound form, gave thanks and praise, I shared the insight I had about ATTUNE…

Aer, Tine, Talamh, Uisce, Naofa in Eireann… was how it came out… and now it is renewed to Aer, Tine, Talamh, Uisce, Nach Eol – (not knowing being Aether)

December 2020 was when I took to editing on my phone and now I am preparing to edit on the desktop… story-forming as we go.