Innovative Education Opportunities

All Change!

I recall the words ‘All Change’ from a game I learned at some Social Permaculture event I was at.  Seems like that is appropriate now.  I hope the change is as fun as the game – even more!

In a split second all can, and has, changed.  Living in the Field of Hope that I have been nurturing has really helped me, and it will continue to.   The goodness and greatness that is and always has been here on this earth, in this body is shining more brightly more often now.  I have been enjoying days of serendipidy and good fortune and the off days hold less power over me, as I become more centred and empowered.

Kathleen – coming out of the coccoon!

I’d like to share the methods that I have been learning.  I have intentions to offer support through facilitating groups in Wellbeing and Creativity.  I hope to interview amazing people who inspire me.  And I’d like to share the editing of a couple of documentary projects which will please when they are produced.

What would you like me to offer you?  If any of the above speak to you, or if you know there is something that I am skilled at that you’d like to experience then let me know!

Coming out of the coccoon of being home with the children is energising for me. And what’s great is that the children continue to journey alongside me … and you!

kathleen (at) is the email address to get in touch.

Revamping my website is on the To Do List this winter so if that is your skill – let’s work together!