I am Kathleen O’Hara Farren & I facilitate The Edge School experience.  Learning about life and sharing my findings is what happens here.  I am a Wellbeing Facilitator, Creative Coach, Multi-Media Artist, Home Educator & Mother.    Our new online shop Wild Calm Creations offers you a taste of this with some of our handmade pendants, willow weaving tutorials and ever new hand crafted products.  Also our Podcast “Wholesome & Wild – Folláin & Fiain” may give you some pleasant insights, with more to come!

Thanks for your interest in The Edge School.  I hope you enjoy this path of evolving connections through wellbeing and creativity.   As my heart expands, so too does The Edge School Network.  You will soon see collaborations with some amazing beings here – online and in-person!

The Edge School is a way of being, thinking & doing, more than a place or location.

I am excited to be emerging from a time of contemplation while being mother and homemaker to expand the heart space to include all I know so…. if you, like me, are open to creating a new story of how we live in deep peace on earth then keep in touch – we are, after all, in this together!  Mailing list sign-up is below.

Contact: kathleen@theedgeschool.net (and the Mailing List)

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