I am Kathleen O’Hara Farren & I facilitate The Edge School experience.  Learning about life and sharing my findings is what happens here.  I am a Wellbeing Facilitator, Creative Coach, Multi-Media Artist, Home Educator & Mother.    Our new online shop Wild Calm Creations offers you a taste of this with some of our handmade pendants, willow weaving tutorials and exquisite Fragrance Alchemy Oils.   Also our Podcast “Wholesome & Wild – Folláin & Fiain” may give you some pleasant insights, with more to come!

Thanks for your interest in The Edge School.  I hope you enjoy this path of evolving connections through wellbeing and creativity. 

The Edge School is a way of being, thinking & doing, more than a place or location.

I am excited to be emerging from a time of contemplation while being mother and homemaker to expand the heart space to include all I know so…. if you, like me, are open to creating a new story of how we live in deep peace on earth then keep in touch – we are, after all, in this together!  Mailing list sign-up is below.

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