Cultural Emergence – Ireland

Cultural Emergence workshops in Ireland, now available upon request.    Also ask about Creative Tools for Social Change workshops.

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Croí 8 a Gathering of

Cultural Emergence

‘A framework to create positive social and environmental change.’


Croí 8 a Gathering of Cultural Emergence

The Foundation Course

Inishowen, Co. Donegal, July 1st & 2nd

Based on Social Permaculture, Systems Thinking and Indigenous wisdom, this course brings people together to learn the practices of Cultural Emergence.
Fancy a summer weekend with others who are passionate about loving life, living & working in harmony and giving nourishing experiences to all at your events? 
Are you a person who runs events and would like to encourage more people to engage with a good attitude and with positive energy?
“These practices help to create the conditions for the emergence of the future we know deep down is possible in our personal lives & our communities.”


This 2 day course is an experiential, creative journey into the natural landscape with space for reflection, visioning and collaboration.  You’ll be given principles & practices which you can merge with your way of living – as well as meet kindred people in a permaculture setting.

Making the connections flow, Cultural Emergence provides us with easy, fun & strengthening ways of being and doing in our evolving world – making work enjoyable & life pleasurable.

“The way the practices were fed to us through wonderful adventures in beautiful nature is a sublime thing!”

“The teaching and group was amazing.”

“I feel excited and nourished by what I have learnt and can’t wait to integrate it.”

“This will really support us to expand the momentum of positive change in Ireland”

Ireland's 1st Cultural Emergence (2)

NOW BOOKING!  We are encouraging bookings by June 1st!

Date:   Saturday, July 1st & Sunday July 2nd PLUS an introduction evening on Friday June 30th

Times:  Fri.  7pm-9pm (optional)  Sat: 10am-5pm + evening of story & song around the fire (optional)   Sun: 10am-5pm

Venue:  We are happy to be holding this on Kathleen’s family farm in their handmade workshop and garden in Carrowtrasna, Greencastle, Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland.


Some more words about the course: 

Humanity is at a time of mass cultural emergency. We see our current personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We have insights and tools to share which can help turn this around into mass cultural emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture.

Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where two or more things come together with unexpected results. By bringing people together with these tools and methods we have the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and to co-create answers and solutions and emerge the culture we want.


Participants will explore the core routines of Cultural Emergence, nature-based practices and group activities for fostering effective and nurturing communities. We will look at and understand the many levels of culture, right through from our own personal culture and patterns of being, to the global context.

CELT 2016-119CELT 2016-125

Participants are invited to nurture the visions they hold for themselves, their communities and the wider world.

The course will allow the distinct voices, skills and life experiences of participants to be heard, bringing a vitality and spontaneity to each course.

By special request we are inviting people to speak with us about bringing their children – if you like we can arrange it so you can come and bring the children who will do their own activities by day and join us for evening meals and campfire songs & stories. Contact Kathleen now at


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Kathleen O’Hara Farren has been a Home Education mother for over a decade.  A Cultural Creative, she initiates and supports innovative social & environmental projects in the local community and is passionate about living the good life – in harmony with each other and all life.  A graduate of Communications she has a background in documentary film-making and is also trained in Steiner Waldorf Education. Kathleen enjoys the integrating creativity into all aspects of healthy living – and especially likes a sing-song by the fire! Kathleen says, “I am dedicated to living a balanced ‘whole health’ lifestyle.   And I’m aware that this happens with an attitude of acceptance and is made possible with a co-operative community.”



Lex Titterington

Lex is a creative facilitator, movement and visual artist, permaculture gardener and yoga teacher. Lex facilitates and designs retreats,    courses & workshops throughout the UK &

internationally, bringing a unique flair to facilitation from years of professional practice in the arts.

Lex’s work is based on connection and interconnection of self, others and our earth. Being deeply passionate about inclusivity and diversity, Lex’s practice promotes regeneration, connection and supporting all lives to truly glow and grow with vitality and vigour.

Lex’s professional background and experience is in Theatre of the Oppressed, street theatre, circus, design, art, mime, mask, puppetry, sign language, music, yoga, meditation, deep ecology and nature connection. Lex brings fun, freshness, creativity and an innate sense of play and embodiment to group and individual practice, working in hospitals, schools, retreat centres and businesses.

Lex is based in Lewes, UK and works closely with the ONCA network (, Moving sounds ( ReBoot the roots ( Lex also works regularly with the EcoDharma project in Spain In 2016 Lex co-facilitated there on the Theatre of the Oppressed training, and also co-designed and facilitated a ‘Creating Resilience’ course for refugees and people working in refugee camps at Eroles( a partner project of EcoDharma. This year Lex will be co-facilitating a 9 day workshop at EcoDharma for TGEU -Transgender Europe ( entitled ‘Sustaining Resistance and Wellbeing’.

After training with Jon Young – and Looby McNamara loobymacnamara.comin 2017 along with an international team of facilitators , Lex is now dedicating time to run Cultural Emergence training workshops internationally .

Lex is Anglo-Irish and grew up in Yorkshire, UK and on the family farm in Co. Offaly, Ireland. Lex has a deep connection with nature and draws on the freedom of childhood days climbing trees and running around on the farm. This spirit shines through in all that Lex shares in life and working practice .

For more information or enquiries please or phone 07588 532227.




Manu Buff portrait

Manuel Loeffler has been on a journey of civic action, connection and exploration over the last ten years since he participated in a student exchange programme to India during high school.
His degree background is in ecology and environmental sciences with management including systems thinking and doing outreach work (RSPB, Soil Association, University of Edinburgh).  After this and again until April 2017, he worked within the education team for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, yet realising that to change our economy we might need more than new business models and circular economy enablers. Having worked as a social worker, resident assistant and Montessori support teacher as well as having participated in Cultural Emergence, Generation Waking up and Social Enterprising, he gathered tools to support others in their purpose-finding, releasing creativity and community building.
 Portrait Manuel Löffler 2016 - Joss Bleriot
Born and raised in Germany, Manuel is now formally training as a wilderness and outdoor educator as well as cultural facilitator close to the Bodensee.

Cost: €160 / €100 (sliding scale) & open to trade offers.

For bookings and more info:

Call Kathleen 074 9381000 or email

CELT 2016-115

Inspired by the work of People & Permaculture author Looby Macnamara and Wilderness Education 8 Shields author Jon Young, this Cultural Emergence model is swiftly providing people around the world with tools and techniques which bring out our best as an individual and in co-operation with each other. 
A balance of head, heart and hands this is truly an experiential workshop weekend which is stimulating & informing, practical & pleasing, bringing common sense & community sensibility to a society ready for whole health and whole system change. You will leave with a renewed sense of ‘how to’ be and do in groups who are keen to bring forward, the ways that work naturally & sustainably in our homes and communities.
This is a collaborative workshop with Celebrate Water central to the process.
What is a State of Emergence?
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