Upcoming Events

Start the week in a relaxed and creative space… I want to offer this to Home Ed parents as they inspire me so much and have helped me on my path as a Home Ed parent. Also I am inviting people from Valuing Vitality (my Facebook group). If you’d like to come, get in touch with me.
This offer is open for a few days. We start Nov. 4th.  Beannachtai Blessings Belvaspata in November 2019

Edge School is about Inner experiences mostly… Core work becomes play when you relax into your creativity. On 11th of November at 11am join me online for an hour of Relaxation and Creativity. I will email you the call video link when you sign up (send me a message kathleen@theedgeschool.net)

December date to be decided for:

“A Treat for the Senses” in preparation for Solstice and Christmas.

Treats include Sound Healing and Fragrance Alchemy Oils.

Email kathleen@theedgeschool.net to register your interest.