Inishowen is flowing together – bring your good self & watery creations!

Inishowen Connecting Rivers & People

Local people with interest in rivers invite all to meet at Grianan Who's Who - Feb 22 '17
Local people with interest in rivers invite all to meet at Grianan Who’s Who – Feb 22 ’17

Dear friends & family who are inspired by water,

I’m extending the invite to this “Who’s Who on Inishowen Rivers” event on Wednesday week at the Grianán Hotel’s round room. This is my call for artists, healers, parents, activists, nature lovers, crafts people, musicians, singers, swimmers, grandparents with fond memories of growing up by the rivers, children who like to paddle or play in the mud, spring well carers…. anyone who has cared about water over the years.
Central to my happiness here in Inishowen is the outdoor locations where gatherings of creativity take place.  So this is a cheer for the people who make connections with each other in the great outdoors through art projects, adventures by the sea and share quality time over tea made with spring water!  And here’s to sharing the inspiration!
Celebrate Water was the community group that initiated the discussions asking the community ‘what is possible?’.  A few years later the Bredagh River Walk offers a rich experience to walkers in Moville. Then, the next community project arose and has become the Inishowen Rivers Trust, who now host this event with a newly created post, Community Water Officer.  So,… it is poised for us all to come together for this Spring evening gathering at a fine location at the foot of the Grianán Hill.
If you have something to share which demonstrates your care for water then come along and be prepared to share your creations! It’s a whole evening event so there’s time to share and meet and move forward knowing more about who cares for our rivers, sea and lakes. (If you can’t be there and would like to display some art or flyer, get in touch with me – I can try to display your products (or photos of) there if you’d like)
Ar son na h-uisce!     For the water!   (and the craic!)
ps Many are expected to attend.  Book now for free here:
More details:

Dear Members of our Inishowen community & interested groups,
The Inishowen Rivers Trust invites you or your group to a very special event in An Grianán Hotel, Burt on Feb 22nd 2017 at 6pm.
This event is entitled ‘Who’s Who on Inishowen Rivers’ and aims to connect people with an interest or role in protecting and monitoring our rivers.
We are inviting you to come along and MEET other communities and the agencies involved in monitoring our rivers, lakes and coastal areas. We invite you to SHARE your experiences, hopes and vision for the waters of Inishowen. And we encourage you to LEARN more about who can help you care for your local river and how you can get involved.
If you are involved with a water project in your area please bring along information about your work. We will have a stall for information about local community groups. There will be ample opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions.
This event is FREE and open to all whether you are involved in a project, are part of an environmental group or tidy towns group, own land with a river or enjoy recreational fishing, walking, paddling or wildlife watching and any other activity that relates us to water. The event focuses on the Inishowen Municipal District but anyone from across Donegal or Derry is invited along to find out more.
Please register on Eventbrite so we know how much tea to make! (
The Inishowen Rivers Trust is co-ordinating this event with the support of the Waters & Communities Office (Donegal Office) and the Rivers Trust (Based in Cookstown).  The IRT was established in 2015 to support communities in caring for their local river through free training events, volunteer events, and advice. The work of the Trust covers the whole of the Inishowen Municipal District from Manorcunningham to Carrigans and right up to Malin Head.  Find out more on our FB page (
Hope to see you there!
The Trust Team

Inishowen Rivers Trust
087 644 6993 or 087 647 8183
Find us on Facebook

Welcoming energy & changing naturally

Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (3)Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (2)

Reflecting on the upcoming events with Jane Donald… The Edge School has been a great support for me as I realise how much I can offer the community here locally and also online.  Having made changes on the inside I am seeing the benefits on the outside – from within my home as we enjoy Home Education more and more and also as more work comes in for me as a Facilitator for bettering skills in the areas of Social, Cultural, Arts, Sound Healing, Environment & Health – such is life when you approach it as a whole system!

My husband Brendan Farren ( and I have enjoyed being creative and generally approach everything with a ‘DIY’ attitude so … this website will have ‘drop menu’s’ and ‘subscribe to’ options in time, as I learn the art of Web Design!  In the meantime please let me know you are interested in keeping in touch by emailing me at

I have so many beautiful photos to share with you – the scenery of sun & sea and how we live with nature and creativity – rediscovering deep connection with the land and our hearts.   There are books galore to share in The Edge School’s Lending Library!  I am excited to share what I am learning with Cultural Emergence (People & Permaculture and Wilderness Education’s 8 Shields).  2017 is set to be a good one for the marginal like us – when you know that ‘we are all in this together’ it helps us pull together!  (fond memories of the various initiatives I’ve been involved in over the years here: Transition Inishowen, Inishowen Summer Gathering, Celebrate Water – all worked well when people sensed into our shared purpose and that was always care, respect and creating a culture for our children to thrive in)

Yes, we are in this together alright!  …and there’s another thing to include here on this website – Ceangailte Le Chéile the song that I composed for the Inishowen Rivers Trust

“Ceangailte le chéile
From sky to sea
Connecting with all life
Together we are free”

Keep informed: Jane Donald – Energetic Healing for Land & People events in Donegal and Derry :


Energetic Healing – A Natural Strength for you, your home & our shared land – an event


Excited to invite you to LISTEN to Jane Donald speak with us about her upcoming visit to Donegal and Derry.  This audio features  guest Jane Donald with event organisers Ruth Cather and myself, Kathleen O’Hara Farren.  Simply CLICK on the following link:

Dear friends,

This message is for everyone with an interest in energy, people, nature and the land.

Jane Donald, Irish author and healing therapist, former publisher with Irish Gardens magazine and guide to Sacred Sites in Ireland, is making her first visit to Letterkenny, Derry and Inishowen from January 20th to January 22nd to present talks on energetic healing for people and land.

Jane healed her body from ME. Trained in holistic energy therapy TBM, and energy healing of the land.  Jane guides in her talks and personal sessions, how the connection to land affects  peoples lives and how to heal using the energy of land. This approach to healing clears many issues and challenges in daily life. Using symbiotic connection between people and nature for solutions that work.

Jane is author of 3 channelled books Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland, Volumes 1 & 2 and Heart & Light – Berlin and works internationally sharing her gifts.

At the talks, Jane will give specific guidance to the area you live answering questions on any issue, from gardening to ancestral DNA, on plants, people and animals. Energy in homes, work places and community. Jane is offering personal sessions to assist anyone who wishes  further guidance and healing. Please enquire and  book a space on 087 453 5001.

Jane was invited to Donegal by a fellow therapist Ruth Cather.  Ruth healed herself of ME using nature and meditation and has trained internationally with leading specialists in energy medicine.

Ruth says about her meeting with Jane,  “Jane radiates true authenticity and integrity her vibration and frequency of connection to source energy is second to none. In 25 years in energy healing meeting Jane has been a defining moment for me. She gave, not only guidance to a solution which materialised instantly, but access to energy to create something better than I could imagine.”

“Down to earth and with precise guidance, Jane Donald speaks with unique clarity.   In my experience, she spoke directly to me and gave me guidance that worked immediately. Her insights into energy and health are to be experienced!  I recommend friends to make a date to meet Jane on her visit this month.” says Kathleen O’Hara Farren, one of the event co-ordinators.

Further info on the poster attached and Ruth (087) 4535001

with Jane Donald

A special visit to
Donegal & Derry

Talk and Q&A
Radisson Blue Hotel

Talk and Q&A
St. Columb’s Park House

Participatory event
Details upon request

Jane Donald author & photographer
Holistic therapist & farmer
Guide to Sacred Sites of Ireland Tours

A gifted guide on the healing power of land
Bringing light & energy
into peoples lives through nature

Talk includes
Meditation for Earth with Q & A

All questions related to land & energy
affecting physical & spiritual well-being answered

Talk £15 / €18 / affordable donation
Personal Session £40 / €45
Discount available:
Talk & Personal Session
inclusive £47 / €55 booked
in advance – contact Ruth

Event Organisers: Ruth Cather and Kathleen O’Hara Farren
Contacts: Ruth (087) 4535001 and
PR – contact Kathleen 0861211898

Circles, Community, Culture, Creativity – gratitude!

May you feel held in the circle

May you be centred in your centre

May you feel support from the whole within, without, withall

May your creativity flow

May your inner light shine, keeping you warm inside and reminding you that we are living in extraordinary times

May our extra-ordinariness be a gift to all, within, without, withall


(Photo: Uisneach 2001 World Peace & Prayer Day)

It’s nine months before my 50th birthday.

It’s 15 and a half years since I met my husband Brendan.

It’s 13 years since I became a mother and began the journey of home birthing & home educating.

It’s 4 years since our house fire.

It’s 1 year since we celebrated the opening of our new workshop.

It’s the end of an era.

It’s the beginning of a new one.


My wish is for us all and each to be centered, creative and truly ourselves.   Practicing daily gratitude has become nicely integrated into my family life and makes all the difference.  Connecting with the natural in the wilds outside and in the heart of each person I meet has become a pleasure for me.  Over the years I notice that the times when life has been truly great for me is when I sit ‘in circle’ and often that is outdoors when I can notice nature more.

I am delighted to be in a position to offer some support to people who are ready to move on, leaving the old story behind, freeing themselves from trauma and allowing themselves to shine!    Living on the edge is a most interesting place and I’m happy to say that I am centred and as a good friend sensed about me recently, I am consolidated!  From this place, I can share some tools and introduce you to some facilitators who I have lined up to come to Inishowen.

This new culture creation requires a co-operative community and a supportive society and it’s been working on a small scale for me and I hope to find kindred folk who are keen to learn how to effectively and harmoniously work and play together!  So find your way to my (newly forming) mailing list and I will send you regular news about local and national events related to heart communications, energy healing, home education, wilderness school, social permaculture and with all that I will integrate song, story and creativity!   Emergence is the key so engage with this space…. step up and enjoy!

Participatory events to pencil in for 2017 (booking in advance is truly supportive):

January 20th -22nd – Talks and consultations with JANE DONALD in Derry and Inishowen.  Jane is a healing therapist, author, photographer and gardener.  A rare opportunity – highly recommended.

May (probably 26th -28th) – CULTURAL EMERGENCE Foundation Course – Ireland’s 1st  which will be a most powerful and enjoyable liberating experience – Inishowen, Donegal/Derry.

Summer (date to be decided) – ALL IRELAND PERMACULTURE GATHERING – County Donegal

I’m always on the lookout for people interested in sharing the wisdom tools that I have been given – so if you’d like to learn natural co-operative event management through the Acorn Model and might like to be involved in World Cafe, Heart Intelligence, Cultural Renewal, Energy Healing approaches like TARA and ‘the like’ please do get in touch.   Admin and grant form filling support is especially welcome!  Also I’d welcome help editing some great film footage that survived the fire and would be a treat to share….

We are now a Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) host family farm!  This means the land, animals and people here will have more caring hearts and helpful hands to create a permaculture inspired family farm and creative haven on the edge of Inishowen, Donegal.


I have written an article called “What’s New?” for Other Wise magazine Winter 2016-’17 issue – available nationwide.

Brendan has some wonderful willow weaving tutorials online

Keep well!

Love Kathleen

A Hand on Heart Experience

Living Permaculture from the Inside Out - exploring ways of sharing, caring and connecting - in a welcoming space where stillness is revealing and stories bring laughter.
Living Permaculture from the Inside Out – exploring ways of sharing, caring and connecting – in a welcoming space where stillness is revealing and stories bring laughter.

Hand on Heart – this weekend will be special!

The preparation process has been a pleasure – in all the best (Permaculture) ways, for example, Valuing the Edge & Diversity by learning to see the benefits from leaning into and on the edge of the known to a new workshop offering.  Also I’m really enjoying the qualities that are brought when a new group forms: myself, Hannah and Marella are all looking forward to facilitating Living Permaculture from the Inside Out – feeling it will benefit all who attend and those we engage with afterwards.

Living Permaculture from the Inside Out will enhance what we do naturally and help us bring People Care to the centre as we enter a season of stillness.   The space is ready, the group is forming and the time is right for this experiential workshop weekend!

Kathleen O'Hara Farren liking a perspective surrounded by water & trees!
Kathleen O’Hara Farren liking a perspective surrounded by water & trees!

More information and booking details:

Harvests & Hopes

Harvests & Hopes - I will share what I've learned at Living Permaculture from the Inside Out in Omagh Nov 11-13, 2016.
Harvests & Hopes – I will share what I’ve learned at Living Permaculture from the Inside Out in Omagh Nov 11-13, 2016.

Communities online and in person give me great nourishment and I will share some of the tips and techniques I have integrated into my home life at a weekend workshop we are calling, “Living Permaculture from the Inside Out” –  Nov. 11-13 in Omagh. Interested?  It will be ‘just right’ before settling into the long nights of the season.  Nurture skills of care & communication,  explore yoga for all abilities and include good food, gentle creativity and song – all steeped in the wisdom of permaculture – nature’s design.  Treat yourself.  Do book now!

Look @ what’s emerging!

As I enter my 50th year, I am amused at life!   Present moment awareness is a most refreshing perspective which I enjoy now.  Life is flowing nicely as I practice simple daily gratitude and engage with love, entering into a new decade…

…. To start with I will celebrate life with family and folk interested in sharing in a “Cad É? – What’s Happening?” outdoor meet-up event on Saturday, August 27th in the willow dome at our home in Greencastle, Inishowen, Co. Donegal.    Are you interested?

Cad É- Meet-up Aug.2016 (1)

An afternoon of food, relaxation and creative sharing including:

  • Info share—harvest our stories & news, in particular Cultural Emergence & methods of People Care.
  • Social time for all ages
  • Creative through music, arts and crafts
  • In an outdoor willow dome
  • On a family farm inspired by permaculture
  • Invitation event -please inquire—0861211898 and
  • Option to continue the conversation—Thursday evenings in September—online sessions – see poster below (more info from

Why ask “Cad É?  What’s Happening?”?    Well, it’s creating a way to simply be present and to listen and speak from the moment and in my experience that is one of the most beautiful experiences we can share.

Sourcing from the insight of Social Permaculture & indigenous wisdom from 8 Shields, I will share some of the Core Routines of Cultural Emergence which I learned at CELT this summer.  These include ways to connect with nature and each other which make it simpler to get things done together and enjoy the process through the ACORN model, which is a delivery system to get people connected.  In my experience, what emerges is more organic & enables each person to shine while participating in a shared project.  It’s optional to continue the exploration online in September.


This offers fantastic opportunities for living a happier and healthier life in these sometimes challenging times we live in.  This will interest community facilitators and families interested in regenerative and healthy practices, simple enough to integrate into our lives.

If you are at all interested please let me know … let’s see what we can grow!         Please write to:

(CELT stands for Cultural Emergence Leadership Training and as I understand it, is simply facilitating what’s happening in nature and nurturing the conditions to allow us to be ourselves!  I offer a big thank you to mentors Looby Macnamara and Jon Young and to all who have inspired me through their passion and presence)

ps the next day, Sunday Aug 28th, you might be interested in another local event – North West Yoga Day for all ages—a music & activities fundraiser on the Isle of Doagh, Inishowen. 

Cultural Emergence

Cultural Emergence Foundation Courses in the UK and Europe


I feel like a blossoming rose!

What's Happenin- (1)

As I prepare to travel, with borrowed bag, tent & sleeping bag, I know that it is different now – pure trust is carrying me!   I am on the edge with this new venture – 1st website and offering training in a whole new way – but it is all with good foundation and is very familiar too.

I have photo’s and stories to share and renewed hope for living the good life with joy and depth and in good company too!  So if you wanna keep in touch visit here:

Always a new perspectiveCopy of icecream (1)