Celebrating Creating the New Emergences! (for over 20 years!)

Pollution had my focus and I was getting down

Until I remembered Life in Glen of the Downs

Celebrate is what I did there and now

Coz pollution in all it’s ways will never shake my crown

Celebrating trees and living on a breeze

20 years ago the road at the Glen of the Downs was closed for the day to make way for bicycles Tour De France and we celebrated!  And that is what makes sense to me.    (these still images are from video footage which I want to edit when the editor makes themselves known to me)

A year ago I delighted in sharing Cultural Emergence techniques and meeting leading lights who have always nurtured the new in their pioneering ways.

Croí8 Cultural Emergence art: going through change gracefully so we may live our potentials….

Campfire always offers the best atmosphere for stories and songs!

Recording our stories & songs which made way for a spontaneous dance.  (Featuring Way of the Bard and Aidan & Joyce O’Hara)

Location of our home and Edge School – which is open to you who are keen on becoming more conscious and creative in all that you do!

Wild & Graceful Workshops & Walks

Wild & Graceful Workshops and Walks is my offering to you.  I have been adding to my repertoire and with this summer season, I am ready to step up & out with some new creative experiences.  Please get in touch with me if you’d like to experience these workshops and walks which are guaranteed to challenge you, awaken you, move and invigorate you and have you experience senses that you may have forgotten!  With elements of music and fragrance, gentle movement and meditation, arts and crafts, you will enjoy your own wild and graceful nature.

Right now I am midst a proposal for this kind of adventure with my Creative Ireland proposal…. along with a minute video, here’s what I posted on my Facebook page The Edge School – Evolving Connections:  http://www.facebook.com/kathleenohfarren

I love the creative process! During it I can go for a walk, like this, and I can Dream Big then get grounded to bring those dreams alive! And I always intend that many enjoy the process along with me! Well, with ingredients of creative healthy people and a lovely location outdoors, may we have many more fun, peaceful and happy types of get-togethers!

Foyle view and mountains too! Most beautiful creation! Video here



Constant Connection

Friends made, forests planned and much may come of the conversations we have shared.   I would like to invite you to consider how I might help you and your family and community connect to nature (that means your own inner nature and the wider nature that we all share – and love!)

Conversation Cafe Bealtaine Festival is coming to a completion tonight in Buncrana.  For sure, I have enjoyed meeting and hearing people speak so beautifully with both memories and new expressions of their nature connections.  We are weaving a great web of life – in a way!  Let me know if you are interested in more Conversation Cafe’s and related events.  I have plenty of creative tools, techniques and games to offer!  Le grá Kathleen O’Hara Farren www.theedgeschool.net

Evolving Connections

Experiencing flowing in body and knowing

No matter where I am going

Like a wave or a drop of water

uisce faoin uisce within being revealing

Recently, I have been invited to offer workshops and events which highlight some of my favorite things!   One is connecting with others, at a ‘get-together ‘ where we all are the stars – a Conversation Cafe for ‘Bealtaine – Age & Opportunity’!  And another is seeing our connections with water through the eyes of another – a film about rivers and people in New Zealand, Seven Rivers Walking…

My (and maybe yours too) diary of upcoming events – all of which flow nicely together – weaving a wonderful life together:

Conversation Cafe – A Light-hearted event with you as the star!  Come and share your golden moments from nature & life, in conversation with friends and family – an Inter-generational gathering.  Free to attend.

We will start with some relaxing music and then with a cup of tea or coffee in hand we’ll talk in small groups about our golden moments from our life, in particular expressing special moments in nature and with family.  Doodling is encouraged, as it helps us to remember the gems from our conversations.

So an hour or so of music, nature and art is the treat Kathleen O’Hara Farren has in store for you, this Bealtaine Festival season.    A local Cultural Creative, Kathleen has initiated many interesting events in Inishowen over the years including the Inishowen Summer Gathering, the Anchor Arts Centre and Celebrate Water!  She’s been learning the art of hosting with World Cafe and a selection of creative workshops.

Film Premier: Seven Rivers Walking

A feature documentary – an intimate portrayal of the challenges around water in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Screening in Moville’s St. Eugene’s Hall Sat April 28th at 6:30pm with a walk by the local River Bredagh at 5:30pm.



Permaculture – August in Wicklow

Tree Walkers Gathering (get in touch with Kathleen kathleen(at)theedgeschool.net)

Circle Way- Early June (get in touch with Kathleen kathleen(at)theedgeschool.net)


Listening, sourcing & hope on the horizon

Listening is my intention for this week.

Listening to my inner voice.

Sourcing my next steps from there.

And expressing creatively in everything I do has become my new ‘norm’ – always steeped in a connection with the natural world (which is within and without) so…

I hope to meet you at some upcoming events, as we walk along this path, April and May we’ve a film screening about rivers and people in New Zealand, www.wickcandle.co.nz/ (April 28th, Moville), Embrace the Waste series by Moville Tidy Town has a grand finale session May 12th,  Bealtaine Festival sees me in Inishowen libraries hosting Conversation Cafes with all generations coming together to chat on the themes of nature, connection and relationship, and I’m delighted that Inishowens wonderful and wild Cultural Creatives (all ages) will meet for a special gathering on the last Sunday of May…. keep in touch to find out more.

So the seasons roll on and the rivers flow – we care deeply about the place in which we live and I am witness to how caring for ones own body is soooo important and how much one’s health affects one’s environment… that is one thing I carry into my listening this week….. sourcing knowing from within… and knowing good times are ahead on the horizon of hope!

Your Voice matters to me! Care to share it?

I am having fun!  I have found the key!

As I prioritize Self Care I am finding it easier to live with joy!  This new venture in rekindling my desire to express and be creative is taking off this Spring, in the company of storytelling mentor Nancy Mellon.

Please do consider treating yourself to this exciting and nourishing event – an online talk and workshop on the 1st Sunday afternoon in March.  (Book now for special offer)

Find out more here

Find out more here

Connecting – ready to evolve how you connect?

When I stopped resisting the call to connect and provide new ways for us all to connect …. floods of opportunities have come my way to offer people courses in communications – for example: Fun & Free COMPUTER CLASS (in Inishowen).

I am amazed at what can happen when people come together so thanks to all participants who come with an open heart to explore what’s on offer at The Edge School.

Computer classhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1759445784364215/

And also to help bring better communications is a one-off class (online) in STORYTELLING with the wonderful author Nancy Mellon.


And the door is open to free membership of my online Facebook group SOURCING VITALITY COMMUNITY – we meet once every 6 weeks to connect on a theme which helps us keep clear and uplifted – ie Sourcing Vitality….

Click here to join Sourcing Vitality Community group

I anticipate a real live gathering of kindred folk this Spring in Gort’s Crannóg… where I will share the latest in Cultural Emergence as we prepare for more at the European Permaculture Gathering in August in Wicklow… we each have so much to offer as this new culture emerges and blossoms!  I look forward to hearing how you are doing and being!

All of this is what I call Emergent Culture.  Your participation brings it alive!

Sourcing Vitality

Slow, Silent & Still

Living life listening to inner promptings has me consciously living more slowly, with more moments of silence and stillness…..

Energetically this supports me to live with a refreshing vitality!  It’s like all the seasons on one – for the sense of Spring-like Hope is infused in the whole…

Here’s a wee letter I’m writing to friends, if you’d like in let me know:

I’m thinking of you and want to invite you to a get-together this Solstice – online! I’ve begun hosting small gatherings online and I like it! Suits me, especially in these winter months. Easiest is to join a new Facebook group that I have just started too – Sourcing Vitality Community – I can ‘join’ you if you like text me saying “Join me”– I sure would like a place where we can support each other as we evolve and create new culture – all while living the interesting lives that we lead.

I’m posting a short film I just put together here.  The film just sets the tone for the next online gathering – which will be Monday Dec. 18th at 8pm. Theme is: Silence & Listening (re: the video – keep the volume low – it is atmospheric sounds from 30 seconds or so)

The Sourcing Vitality Community is a place where we can share our ways of creating energy for and by ourselves…. I hope to share about what is stirring in me and bringing me vitality… things like healing modalities, elements of nature, Cultural Emergence, Social Permaculture techniques & insights, sensory awareness for self & children, energy medicine and communicating from the heart– all included integrated and spiced with Irish language phrases & words that I like – oh and if there is a topic which you’d like to learn more about, perhaps we could set up a study group and invite teachers… I’ve one or two in mind, suitable for the winter season.

Write back with “Join me” if you’d like me to do so. (kathleen at theedgeschool.net)

Le Gra


Sourcing Vitality  Community Group (on Facebook) Join here


Happy Balancing!

It is Equal Day and Night now with the Autumn Equinox.  How does this look & feel for you?  Balance – the word draws me to it… and Poise occurs and Centring and Stillness yet still flowing within.


I am drawn to seeing through new eyes what life is like without focussing on the opposites but rather on the moment of the co-operation of two, like the moment of Balance – the invitation to Poise and Centring. I like the slowing down aspect too.   Slowing to listen & feel what is happening when I allow this moment to be in balance, be…


So be it the co-operation of male and female within you, may peace be yours. Or may it be the alertness of the space which occurs when you slow your busyness and be in perfect pace with Poise & Grace, may being centred be your experience.  Or may it be the food you feed yourself – a balanced diet – may you enjoy whole body health.  And may this experience of Balance in this moment be present to leverage us to the next moment in whole health!


Beyond measure – spectacular stuff!

Today I saw a spectacular sight!  While on a Nature Meditation at the Play Tail in Derry for the Enough Stuff Festival, along with two others, we paused at a quiet place amongst the trees and gazed at the sunlight between the leaves above.  Children passed by on bicycles and we continued enjoying the peaceful moment, determined to continue our planned Nature Meditation – accepting of all around … We softened our bellies, smiled our hearts and stilled the mind and we gently gazed at the light sparkling in rainbow colours through the trees…. then the light danced …. beyond it’s borders and spilled out to the edge of my vision in a wonderful flood and it felt good and full of vitality.  Continuing to allow the next moment and next we three women, like the trees that root into the ground, connected with the centre of the earth and then quietly moved on to find another sun dappled place by a big tree, which I touched to connect deeper with the beauty around us.

Enough Stuff Festival 2017

On this weekend some dreams came true with things like dancing a harvest dance with my daughter and friends, plenty of choice of local fresh veg to bring home, listening to guitar strumming & inspiring songs, walking through a small woods with families delighting in the fairy doors and exciting treasures to be discovered…. home educated families meeting each other and playing in the really nice playpark amongst oak trees with acorns galore on the ground – oh and the Bring & Share picnic was lovely as-wel-las home-made vegan treats and Egyptian foods and gluten-free, dairy-free ice-cream.  Informed and creative discussions about the best health life activities we can support each other with – all acoustically harmonising with the children’s laughter and play.  Oh and the walled garden with community sharing the soil to grow so much food… That has been my experience at the Enough Stuff Festival in Derry’s Play Trail this autumn weekend. Such great heart sensations as it was offered with love – very clearly love and care.