I am Kathleen O’Hara Farren here facilitating The Edge School experience.  Learning about life and sharing my findings is what happens here.  I am a Wellbeing Facilitator, Creative Coach, Multi-Media Artist, Home Educator & Mother.

Thanks for your interest in The Edge School.  I love this path of evolving connections through wellbeing and creativity.   And it is a network with strands from Permaculture (Social, Child & Youth), 8 Shields Wilderness Education, Steiner Waldorf Education,  Metaphysics, Sound Healing and more – all integrated into my own lifestyle and happily shared with all who are interested.

Always a new perspective

Home Education allows us to freely explore nature and anything that interests us so that is some of what I will share on this The Edge School site.  The Edge School is a way of being, thinking & doing, more than a place or location.

I am excited to be emerging from a time of contemplation while being mother and homemaker to expand the heart space to include all I know so…. if you, like me, are open to creating a new story of how we live in peace on earth then keep in touch – we are, after all, in this together!  Send me an email: kathleen (at) theedgeschool.net

If you would like to be a part of the evolving Edge School, then you might like to meet (online at the moment) at one of our Valuing Vitality Gatherings (every 6 weeks or so) . Valuing Vitality

I appreciate & welcome your contributions with sincere thanks!  Introducing new culture is my joy and that isn’t always valued until it appears, so I really do welcome financial support (if you like what I do) to help get things up & running.

Discovering and creating new culture has been my passion.  Some examples include hosting the 1st Inishowen Summer Gathering – A Celebration of Creativity, Heritage and Environment, facilitating the 1st Cultural Emergence training in Ireland and offering the healing modality Belvaspata.

Here’s a place to contribute your financial support:

2005 – The Inishowen Summer Gathering – Isle of Doagh – hundred visited over the sunny weekend – skills and ideas were shared – song & story by the central fire…. people involved in organising have gone on to be creative in the community – always open to potential and ever hopeful in more people experiencing culture like this!

All photos and text by Kathleen O’Hara Farren


Opening wings to fly, the Edge School emerges!

Welcome       Fáilte     Please take a visit around this site!

Brief biog:

Graduate of Communications and trained in Kindergarten Early Years Education (Steiner Waldorf)

Many years ago I initiated The Inishowen Summer Gathering – celebrating Sustainability, Creativity, Heritage and Environment.

More recently I introduced Cultural Emergence to a pioneering group in Ireland, merging  Social Permaculture  and 8 Shields Wilderness Education.  It follows nicely, the weekend I facilitated with Hannah Mole & Marella Fyffe, called “Living Permaculture from the Inside Out”  I am continuing to integrate my learnings and look forward to offering you some more creative media.

Collaborated on Birth a New Song @ Uisneach (with Elaine Ní Chairdha) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwnWy__bX5I

My husband Brendan Farren has a creative presence online at www.biggreenart.com

Thanks for your interest here.  Best of luck with your evolving edge!