Equinox – Equal day & night – Bringing new to light

Words and pictures on the screen speak something but what speaks to me most truly is my own inner voice and senses…. so this Equinox I can say that I hear and feel a new beginning… So I will be open to that new way of being and I will be living and expressing in a new way.  I have new gifts to offer which I am introducing to family and friends and anyone who asks – Belvaspata is a miraculous healing modality suitable for all and Fragrance Alchemy is a selection of beautiful flower oils with specific uses for clearing and vitalising.  I hope to create some video’s for you.  Home life is happy and healthy as I continue with Home Education and keep learning how to grow food!   So I invite you too, to be open to the new and to share some skills that haven’t seen the light of day yet.  May you feel your inner light shine and smile your way through the day.

Beautiful blossoms bursting forth in you too!

Energised Youth

A day where my dreams become real… is one where I share my creative focus with the community – a Spring Meditation with gentle sounds and floral smells and then midst rain and wind on the main street, energised youth demonstrate their interest in a healthy future, by making choices today that are closer to caring for the natural world than what has been the case to date.

A view from above – here is the Meditation centre piece of colour and growing flowers

I happened to be ‘out of memory’ on my mobile phone so did a Livestream and shared my inspirations on how nature provides, both from our own inner senses and from the great outdoors.

Enjoy this video of the student from Moville Community College on a Friday afternoon, a date which may mark an empowering new way of being in the world… March 15th, 2019.

Climate Action in Moville video

Every Friday  would be a good time to have weekly focus on how our health and attitudes are connected with the environment.  I am ready to host such a conversation for any group, using World Cafe and Heart Communication methods… I have a Cool Social tool-box to share!  Just ask me…