Happy Balancing!

It is Equal Day and Night now with the Autumn Equinox.  How does this look & feel for you?  Balance – the word draws me to it… and Poise occurs and Centring and Stillness yet still flowing within.


I am drawn to seeing through new eyes what life is like without focussing on the opposites but rather on the moment of the co-operation of two, like the moment of Balance – the invitation to Poise and Centring. I like the slowing down aspect too.   Slowing to listen & feel what is happening when I allow this moment to be in balance, be…


So be it the co-operation of male and female within you, may peace be yours. Or may it be the alertness of the space which occurs when you slow your busyness and be in perfect pace with Poise & Grace, may being centred be your experience.  Or may it be the food you feed yourself – a balanced diet – may you enjoy whole body health.  And may this experience of Balance in this moment be present to leverage us to the next moment in whole health!


Beyond measure – spectacular stuff!

Today I saw a spectacular sight!  While on a Nature Meditation at the Play Tail in Derry for the Enough Stuff Festival, along with two others, we paused at a quiet place amongst the trees and gazed at the sunlight between the leaves above.  Children passed by on bicycles and we continued enjoying the peaceful moment, determined to continue our planned Nature Meditation – accepting of all around … We softened our bellies, smiled our hearts and stilled the mind and we gently gazed at the light sparkling in rainbow colours through the trees…. then the light danced …. beyond it’s borders and spilled out to the edge of my vision in a wonderful flood and it felt good and full of vitality.  Continuing to allow the next moment and next we three women, like the trees that root into the ground, connected with the centre of the earth and then quietly moved on to find another sun dappled place by a big tree, which I touched to connect deeper with the beauty around us.

Enough Stuff Festival 2017

On this weekend some dreams came true with things like dancing a harvest dance with my daughter and friends, plenty of choice of local fresh veg to bring home, listening to guitar strumming & inspiring songs, walking through a small woods with families delighting in the fairy doors and exciting treasures to be discovered…. home educated families meeting each other and playing in the really nice playpark amongst oak trees with acorns galore on the ground – oh and the Bring & Share picnic was lovely as-wel-las home-made vegan treats and Egyptian foods and gluten-free, dairy-free ice-cream.  Informed and creative discussions about the best health life activities we can support each other with – all acoustically harmonising with the children’s laughter and play.  Oh and the walled garden with community sharing the soil to grow so much food… That has been my experience at the Enough Stuff Festival in Derry’s Play Trail this autumn weekend. Such great heart sensations as it was offered with love – very clearly love and care.