Walk & Humm ’til a new tune comes – preparing for Birth a New Song @ Uisneach

Oh a walk… a quiet walk – how it stills and centres….. and then,  and when…. the tunes come – the hummmm of a new tune comes…. here & now I am preparing for the Uisneach Birth a New Song day…. Birth a New Song @ Uisneach in the centre of Ireland is on Sunday, March 12, 2-4pm.   Here is an invite to prepare by going for a daily silent walk and centre yourself, ground yourself and clear yourself, tune into the sounds of the land around you… and then …. see what sound comes from your voice!   Hoping for a lovely experience. Anticipating friends from all around with a variety of singing experiences. From Kathleen in Inishowen. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/41381…

What happens when we get together for nurturing natural emergence?

Ireland's 1st Cultural Emergence

It’s all happening and we are having a good time whatever the weather – with the tools (social and practical) of the new Cultural Emergence hope is high for the life we know is possible for all people!  We are getting there and quicker than we can see, as more people step into the true nature of life – from many approaches. Cultural Emergence really has processes that people from all walks of life can use.  It’s “a framework to create maximum positive change in the world easily & effectively”…. and honestly we have fun and access a deep peace during our time together…… so Save the Date – pencil it in and I will arrange the rest – bringing facilitators together, getting the campsite ready (hostel beds upon request) and set up the famous Acorn with you tasked with your favorite thing to do at an event….. get in touch now – let me know you are interested kathleen@theedgeschool.net

1st for Ireland Cultural Emergence Foundation Course, Moville,Inishowen Co Donegal on the weekend of July 1st, 2017

Keep in touch here on www.theedgeschool.net and find out more on https://www.facebook.com/CulturalEmergence/

Birth a New Song @ Uisneach this Spring!

Birth a New Song @ Uisneach

Birth a New Song @ Uisneach in the Centre of Ireland
A participatory event, you are invited to respond with song to the call of the land, the water & life!

On Sunday, the 12th of March from 2 to 4pm we will gather to give voice to the seeds which have been stirring…

Come as your good true self, meet others, silently walk, listen to the land, be moved to move & sound using your pure voice.

Spring, International Women’s Day & Uisneach Hill offer us a perfect time & place in which to gather & celebrate sharing respect & gratitude

Bring all you need for an afternoon outdoors (This event is a 3 km moderate hill walk. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear) & a suggested donation of 10 euro. Bookings help make it work smoothly: birthanewsong@gmail.com

Also you are invited to bring Spring Water from your locality if you’d like to include it in The Waters of the World sharing.
Keep in touch: www.facebook.com/BirthaNewSong
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/413813772298923/

Initiated & Hosted by Cultural Creatives – K.E.P.T. 2017
(Kathleen O’Hara Farren, Elaine Ní Chiardha, Pen Élopée, Treasa Kerrigan) If you’d like to help out on the day (and experience ‘The Acorn’ way of working together on an event) please let Kathleen know kathleen@theedgeschool.net