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Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (3)Jane Donald - visit to DerryDonegal 2017 (2)

Reflecting on the upcoming events with Jane Donald… The Edge School has been a great support for me as I realise how much I can offer the community here locally and also online.  Having made changes on the inside I am seeing the benefits on the outside – from within my home as we enjoy Home Education more and more and also as more work comes in for me as a Facilitator for bettering skills in the areas of Social, Cultural, Arts, Sound Healing, Environment & Health – such is life when you approach it as a whole system!

My husband Brendan Farren (www.biggreenart.com) and I have enjoyed being creative and generally approach everything with a ‘DIY’ attitude so … this website will have ‘drop menu’s’ and ‘subscribe to’ options in time, as I learn the art of Web Design!  In the meantime please let me know you are interested in keeping in touch by emailing me at kathleen@theedgeschool.net.

I have so many beautiful photos to share with you – the scenery of sun & sea and how we live with nature and creativity – rediscovering deep connection with the land and our hearts.   There are books galore to share in The Edge School’s Lending Library!  I am excited to share what I am learning with Cultural Emergence (People & Permaculture and Wilderness Education’s 8 Shields).  2017 is set to be a good one for the marginal like us – when you know that ‘we are all in this together’ it helps us pull together!  (fond memories of the various initiatives I’ve been involved in over the years here: Transition Inishowen, Inishowen Summer Gathering, Celebrate Water – all worked well when people sensed into our shared purpose and that was always care, respect and creating a culture for our children to thrive in)

Yes, we are in this together alright!  …and there’s another thing to include here on this website – Ceangailte Le Chéile the song that I composed for the Inishowen Rivers Trust  https://youtu.be/o4Nez_UTSbM

“Ceangailte le chéile
From sky to sea
Connecting with all life
Together we are free”

Keep informed: Jane Donald – Energetic Healing for Land & People events in Donegal and Derry : http://www.facebook.com/events/1324238150968514/?active_tab=about


Energetic Healing – A Natural Strength for you, your home & our shared land – an event


Excited to invite you to LISTEN to Jane Donald speak with us about her upcoming visit to Donegal and Derry.  This audio features  guest Jane Donald with event organisers Ruth Cather and myself, Kathleen O’Hara Farren.  Simply CLICK on the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7l1PFf-IRWJYk1PcTRNaWo0TkE/view?usp=sharing

Dear friends,

This message is for everyone with an interest in energy, people, nature and the land.

Jane Donald, Irish author and healing therapist, former publisher with Irish Gardens magazine and guide to Sacred Sites in Ireland, is making her first visit to Letterkenny, Derry and Inishowen from January 20th to January 22nd to present talks on energetic healing for people and land.

Jane healed her body from ME. Trained in holistic energy therapy TBM, and energy healing of the land.  Jane guides in her talks and personal sessions, how the connection to land affects  peoples lives and how to heal using the energy of land. This approach to healing clears many issues and challenges in daily life. Using symbiotic connection between people and nature for solutions that work.

Jane is author of 3 channelled books Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland, Volumes 1 & 2 and Heart & Light – Berlin and works internationally sharing her gifts.

At the talks, Jane will give specific guidance to the area you live answering questions on any issue, from gardening to ancestral DNA, on plants, people and animals. Energy in homes, work places and community. Jane is offering personal sessions to assist anyone who wishes  further guidance and healing. Please enquire and  book a space on 087 453 5001.

Jane was invited to Donegal by a fellow therapist Ruth Cather.  Ruth healed herself of ME using nature and meditation and has trained internationally with leading specialists in energy medicine.

Ruth says about her meeting with Jane,  “Jane radiates true authenticity and integrity her vibration and frequency of connection to source energy is second to none. In 25 years in energy healing meeting Jane has been a defining moment for me. She gave, not only guidance to a solution which materialised instantly, but access to energy to create something better than I could imagine.”

“Down to earth and with precise guidance, Jane Donald speaks with unique clarity.   In my experience, she spoke directly to me and gave me guidance that worked immediately. Her insights into energy and health are to be experienced!  I recommend friends to make a date to meet Jane on her visit this month.” says Kathleen O’Hara Farren, one of the event co-ordinators.

Further info on the poster attached and Ruth (087) 4535001 kathleen@theedgeschool.net


with Jane Donald

A special visit to
Donegal & Derry

Talk and Q&A
Radisson Blue Hotel

Talk and Q&A
St. Columb’s Park House

Participatory event
Details upon request

Jane Donald author & photographer
Holistic therapist & farmer
Guide to Sacred Sites of Ireland Tours

A gifted guide on the healing power of land
Bringing light & energy
into peoples lives through nature

Talk includes
Meditation for Earth with Q & A

All questions related to land & energy
affecting physical & spiritual well-being answered

Talk £15 / €18 / affordable donation
Personal Session £40 / €45
Discount available:
Talk & Personal Session
inclusive £47 / €55 booked
in advance – contact Ruth

Event Organisers: Ruth Cather and Kathleen O’Hara Farren
Contacts: Ruth (087) 4535001 and kathleen@theedgeschool.net
PR – contact Kathleen 0861211898