Being in Flow with Water

Enjoy this Well Water…
as you sense into the water
within your Being…
flowing, rippling & shining!
(I love the birdsong too!)

Le Grá Mór = With Big Love!

Be in Love! Happy New Moment!

I made this to summarise so much that is going on inside me…. that is how life has been for the longest time and now there is a change… the inner work is bearing fruit and life is beautiful.  This poster was made for the Facebook group I have been running for 2 years now… Really I wanted an email mailing list but couldn’t figure it out so I started a FB group!  It’s name is about to change to match the change I am going through – It began as Sourcing Vitality then became Valuing Vitality and now I feel Perfect Vitality may be the new name….  Anyhoo here we be and do be do… Delighted to be alive in these most extraordinary times!  Happy New Moment in 2020!

Sharing our new cultural creations regularly

Online gatherings suit me.  Living on the edge of Ireland and liking the home-life I have been enjoying meeting folk online through my classes and training course – all online and for the past decade!

I am delighted to invite you to join my online group Valuing Vitality.  The art of being yourself as well as sharing your creations is  what I like to encourage.  We meet on key dates inspired by the Celtic Calendar, so that is every 6 weeks or so.  Learning to really listen to ‘what is emerging’ is also my passion so it all may change at any moment thus enjoy it and make suggestions for ‘experiencing the new’.

Valuing Vitality (Facebook group)

Relax & Create

Start the week in a relaxed and creative space… I want to offer this to Home Ed parents as they inspire me so much and have helped me on my path as a Home Ed parent. Also I am inviting people from Valuing Vitality (my Facebook group). If you’d like to come, get in touch with me.

Acorn Heart – Strength in the Centre

This image came to me while dreaming about sharing skills and songs with an evolving project with Aoife Howe and friends. See more here:

💖🌳This beautiful image came to me while I was pondering the possibility of sitting ’round the campfire singing with land & life loving company… 🎶UPDATE: A change with grace & integrity is what I have witnessed occur with the inspiring Aoife and friends from this Heart of Land fundraiser. A more naturally paced project has come to light and I wish all good health and enjoyable creativity. I am happy to forward my financial contribution to future projects that include the amazing Aoife Howe 💎 See the GoFundMe page to read the update. 🌟😊

Invite to support now to ensure this land is safe for us to gather on…

UPDATE: A change with grace and integrity is what I have witnessed.  A more naturally paced project has come of this fund raising.  See the GoFundMe page to read the update.💖
Welcome to a chat about the centre of Ireland… valid NOW this week as we are asking for your contribution in the fundraiser. Harnessing the Amazing POTENTIAL with your participation… May we shine together! 💖😊🎶A video conversation exploring this project

Trees to plant and harps and bodhrans to be played!

Aoife explained before we began the recording that over the recent years that she has been on this land near the Hill of Uisneach that the land spoke to her offering healing and inviting gatherings… It is a magic existence that we are sharing and witnessing emerge…

I love the experience of cultural emergence around the campfire and anticipate touring Ireland and visiting this pristine land.  Care to come?  Let me know if you have contributed and I will keep in touch to let you know when I’m heading to the centre to create!

Click here to GoFundMe Oct. 2019

Daily Blessings: Healing of the Heart / Beannachtaí Gach Lá: Slánú an Chroí

From Autumn Equinox 2019 to Spring Equinox 2020 I am offering a special daily Healing of the Heart. You really have to experience it to know it and I will share it with you daily for either one month or more as you request. I offer a free healing Monday Sept 23rd and 30th and It is booked by letting me know through ideally my group Valuing Vitality on Facebook or by sending me an email .  You can continue the daily healing by  payment through Paypal. I am also open to alternative economy. If you are interested please write to me at for details or join Valuing Vitality group on Facebook.

Harvest & Seeds

This moment is FULL!  That is how it seems to me.

I often write poetry to explain these feelings and maybe someday I shall share more of my poems.  In the meantime I feel the poetic in each moment and it comes out sometimes.

The Gathering that I was at this weekend is a perfect example of how each moment is full… we shared our harvests of food and projects that we have been working on and we shared many conversations and experiences (I liked the dancing, singing and yoga) with each activity stimulating potential and possibilities – like seeds awakening.

Eating fruit under the young oak, strengthens my back and brings a smile to my heart

So I am happy to live a life that in each moment is full with appreciation of what has been and in hopeful anticipation of what is coming.

Checkout my Edge School – Evolving Connections Facebook page for a video about the Northern Permaculture Gathering 2019.

With love and best wishes for this season.

Kathleen O’Hara Farren